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Real Tractor Simulator 2016


START YOUR FARMING ADVENTURE WITH REAL TRACTOR SIMULATOR 2016! Are you ready to drive your epic tractor for miles and miles to come? In Real Tractor Simulator 2016 we have multiple tractors available for you to drive. Your objectives vary a lot in Real Tractor Simulator 2016. You will have to pick up certain items like potatoes, onions and other farming supplies and transport those to one of the many cities in this game. IT’S A FARMING SIMULATOR, BUT DIFFERENT.Next to the normal modes where you earn money in-game and buy new tractors or even upgrade those tractors to a new level, you can enter the Farming Empire, where you can hire and assign farmers to do your work for you. They will drive from Paris to Berlin, Amsterdam to London and many more cities to supply those cities with farming supplies. You will pay those farmers for their work, and keep some money as a profit.
MADE FOR ARCADE GAMERS AND HARDCORE GAMERS! When you just want to ride your tractor without having to worry about different cost, fuel and fines we have set up an arcade mode next to the realistic mode. You still can earn a lot of money by doing different jobs but with a more forgiving game economy.
FARMING TRACTOR DRIVER SIMULATOR WITH A REALISTIC TOUCH! If you are a realistic gamer and want to think about every choice you make in the this driving simulator, play the realistic mode of Real Tractor Simulator 2016. In this mode you will get fines if you cause an accident. The handling of the farming tractor is also a lot more realistic and so is the brake distance! You can really spend you time in this farming simulator and combine the realistic mode of this game with the empire.REAL TRACTOR SIMULATOR 2016 - GAME FEATURES:- Play either in Free Ride or Career mode, with a realistic or arcade option! - Customize everything you want about your own tractor! - You’re able to build up a farming empire with your own tractor vehicles- Experience a tractor driver simulator in full 3D!
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